Reopening Caring Hearts Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we are opening our doors once again to our wonderful clients. Caring Hearts Animal Hospital has always believed clients are just as important as our patients so we are thrilled to have you back. We have missed you!

To protect us all, we are still requiring our staff to wear masks and require clients who wish to come inside with their pets to be masked. If you are more comfortable waiting outside or do not wish to wear a mask, we are still providing curbside care. If you do not have a mask we are happy to provide you one so you can come inside.

We continue to take extra measures to clean and disinfect the hospital and wash our hands with even more frequency so that all exchanges will be as clean as possible.

We ask that if you have respiratory symptoms or a fever that you refrain from personally bringing your pet to see us but instead send another family member.

We do continue to monitor AVMA and CDC guidelines so we can keep our team and our clients as safe as possible.

We thank you for your cooperation and your patience this past year and we look forward to reconnecting face to face.

If you choose to utilize our curbside care option please follow the steps below:

We ask that clients/pet parents park in the parking lot and call the hospital (704-893-2799) to let us know that you have arrived.

Once we receive your phone call you will be transferred to one of our technicians or assistants so that they can discuss any of your health concerns for your pet, get your pet’s history and go over estimated costs over the phone.

An assistant or technician will then come out to the car to bring your pet into the hospital for services while you wait in the car.

PLEASE have all cats confined in a carrier so we can safely transfer them into the hospital.

Dr. White or Dr. Morefield will examine your pet and call you on your cell phone to discuss the exam findings and together you will decide on a course of care.

After the exam and any agreed-upon tests or treatments are completed your pet will be returned to you.

We ask that you pay over the phone using a credit card number if possible, however, we still will accept other forms of payment.

If you are not scheduled for an appointment and simply need to pick up medications and/or pet food, please remain in your vehicle and call the office from the parking lot. We will take payment over the phone and bring your items and receipt out to you.

Please call for these items in advance so that we can have them gathered and ready for you when you arrive. You may also order medications and food to be delivered to your home on our website.