Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing in Matthews, NC?

If your dog is sneezing a lot, you might find yourself worrying that he’s getting sick. But sneezing in dogs isn’t quite the same as it is in humans, and there are many situations in which your dog may be sneezing for a completely normal reason.

Dog keeps sneezing in Matthews, NC

Reasons Why Dogs Sneeze in Matthews, NC

Dogs use their noses much more than humans do, so they also sneeze much more often as well. 

Below are eight common reasons why your dog keeps sneezing:

Playing and Excitement

When dogs become very excited, they sometimes sneeze. This is because sneezing, in dog body language, can signify happiness and show that a dog is harmless toward other dogs. Of course, as a human, this may seem odd to you, but it’s meaningful to your furry friend regardless!

Dogs often also sneeze while they’re playing with you or with other dogs in Matthews. Play sneezing is completely normal, although not every dog does it. If your dog is only sneezing while at play, this is likely the reason, and you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

Dust and Irritants in the Nose

Since dogs rely on their noses to tell them most of the information they receive about their surroundings, they need to clear out their nasal passages often. They can’t blow their noses like a human can, but they can sneeze! If your dog sneezes just once and then goes about his business normally, he is probably just clearing out his nose so he can sniff things more easily.

Your dog may also sneeze if he inhales dirt, dust, or some other substance accidentally. Just like humans do when this happens, dogs sneeze to clear their sinus cavities of the unwanted substance.

Nasal Infection

It’s rare for dogs to develop nasal infections, but that doesn’t mean it never happens. Sometimes, dogs become sick with respiratory illnesses that lead to nasal infection. Your veterinarian in Matthews will need to diagnose your dog with this problem and provide the right treatment and care so your pet can get well quickly.

Dogs may also develop an infestation of nasal mites in rare instances. This most commonly happens in conditions where dogs are kept unhygienically, but it can happen to almost any dog. Once again, your vet will need to take a look and diagnose your dog with this problem.

Short Snout

Some dog breeds have much shorter snouts or more squashed faces than other breeds. These brachycephalic dog breeds are more likely to sneeze often than other dogs because of the construction of their heads. They may also snore loudly and make a lot of noise when they walk or exercise for the same reason.

Although this is normal, you should speak with your vet often about providing the proper healthcare for your dog if he has this type of snout and face. These dogs are more prone to a variety of medical problems, but your veterinarian can help you learn how to help.

Nasal Tumor

Nasal tumors are not very common in dogs, but they may occur especially in dogs who are exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke. Some dogs in Matthews may also have genetic predispositions to this type of tumor. Nasal tumors cause an obstruction in the nasal passages that can cause a dog to keep sneezing.

If your dog has a nasal tumor, he likely also has other symptoms aside from just sneezing. Your vet will be able to check your dog for tumors and let you know if this is something your pet is dealing with. From there, your veterinarian can recommend different courses of action.

Dental Issues

Although it may not seem like dental problems could cause your dog to keep sneezing, they sometimes do. Dental tumors are an especially common cause of sneezing in dogs, but other types of dental issues may lead to excessive sneezing as well.

If your dog has a lot of problems with his teeth and gums, your vet will let you know. He may also recommend dog teeth cleanings or other dental treatments or procedures to deal with the problems. Dental tumors will need to be removed in order for your dog to be well again and for the sneezing to stop, too.

Airway Obstruction

Dogs who have accidentally inhaled something into their noses or throats may wheeze or sneeze a lot because of an airway obstruction. If the obstruction is only partial, it won’t cause your dog to choke, but will cause him to noticeably sneeze and have other trouble breathing.

When this happens, you will need to take your dog to the veterinarian right away to have the obstruction removed. In some cases, your dog may require surgery in order for the vet to remove the obstruction. The treatment will depend entirely on the specific situation with your dog.

Reverse Sneezing

Finally, your dog may not actually be sneezing, but may be reverse sneezing instead. Reverse sneezing sometimes sounds like honking or even laughing, but it’s neither of these things. It’s simply a different type of sneeze that both dogs and cats in Matthews sometimes do depending on their health conditions and other causes.

When it happens rarely, reverse sneezing isn’t usually a problem. If it happens frequently, it may be a sign of an underlying issue that your vet will need to check out. On its own, however, reverse sneezing is not dangerous or harmful in any way to your dog, even though it looks distressing.

Find Out Why Your Dog Keeps Sneezing in Matthews, NC

As you can see, there are many potential reasons why your dog keeps sneezing. It’s important to get to the bottom of the problem if you think your dog is sick. However, there are many situations in which dogs sneeze simply because it’s part of being a dog.

If you’re worried, be sure to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in Matthews for your pet in the near future. At Caring Hearts Animal Hospital, our dedicated veterinary team will help find the underlying cause of your dog’s sneezing and will work with you to develop the best treatment plan to help care for your dog.