Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats in Matthews

Did you know that by having your dogs and cats spayed and neutered, you can actually lengthen their lifespan? You can also help more pets in shelters get adopted. These are just two of the many reasons that we recommend these surgeries here at Caring Hearts Animal Hospital. Since we first opened our doors, we’ve wanted nothing more than to help our pets live long, healthy, happy lives. We believe that spaying and neutering our patients will help us accomplish that goal.

We are pleased to be an AAHA-accredited hospital. What does this mean for you? It means we abide by the highest standards with our spay and neuter services, as well as our other surgical services. We use only the most advanced tools and technology in our sterile surgical suite, and we require pre-anesthetic blood work for every procedure. We also take the time to discuss what the surgery will entail as well as the benefits, which you can learn more about below.

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Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Dog or Cat

If you just brought home a new puppy or kitten, and you’re unsure if you want to spay/neuter them, the following benefits will help you make a decision:

  • Spaying eliminates the heat cycle in females.
  • If performed before the first heat cycle, spaying eliminates the risk of mammary gland tumors and uterine infections.
  • Neutering eliminates marking, spraying, humping, and other related behaviors.
  • Neutering eliminates the risk of prostate problems and testicular cancer.
  • Both procedures can help improve your pet’s overall health and behavior.
  • Both procedures can help reduce the pet overpopulation, which can then help more shelter pets find loving homes.

Spaying and Neutering Facts

  • Pets can be spayed and neutered as young as 8 weeks, according to the American Animal Hospital Association.
  • Some pets can gain weight after being spayed/neutered, but it can be prevented/reversed with diet and exercise.
  • According to recent studies, spayed/neutered pets are more likely to live longer than those that aren’t spayed/neutered.

If you’d like to learn more about spaying and neutering, or if you’re ready to make an appointment, give us a call at 704-893-2799 or use the online form.