Dog and Cat Surgery in Matthews

We know that regardless of the reason for the procedure, just hearing the word “surgery” can cause some apprehension for a pet owner. At Caring Hearts Animal Hospital, “caring” is in our name because that’s precisely what we’re about. We specialize in delivering exceptional surgical care with compassion and a personal touch, and we work hard to ensure that every dog and cat surgery is carried out in a stress-free, positive manner.

Our highly skilled veterinarians are experienced at performing a wide range of routine and complex pet surgeries using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment available. When it comes to your pet’s surgery, comfort and safety are our highest priority. Even the anesthetic products we use have been carefully selected for their safety and effectiveness.

Give us a call at 704-893-2799 or use the online form if you have questions about your cat or dog’s surgery. 

Before Dog or Cat Surgery

All pet owners are required to fill out a Surgery Release Form before we can treat their pets. Before your dog or cat’s surgery, we’ll conduct a thorough exam and detailed screening. This is especially important if your pet is a senior or has existing health problems. These tests allow us to better manage your pet’s health and safety throughout the procedure. If no underlying health issues are found, we’ll customize a pain management plan to your pet’s specific needs and risk factors. Our goal is to keep your companion comfortable while reducing any anesthesia risks.

During Dog or Cat Surgery

When your pet has been cleared for surgery, we’ll prep and move them to the surgical suite. Our experienced veterinarians will then perform the surgical procedure as diligently and efficiently as possible. Throughout the surgery, we’ll closely monitor your pet’s vitals and pain control level. Our trained technicians and assistants will also be on hand to help and keep a close eye on your pet.

After Dog or Cat Surgery

When your dog or cat’s surgery is over, we’ll contact you with an update and arrange a time for you to pick them up. In most cases, this time is the same day as the surgery. When you arrive, we’ll discuss the post-surgical care instructions, which may include a plan for pain control to help your pet recover as comfortably as possible. Please feel to let us know if you have any questions while your pet is recovering. Help is just a phone call away.

If you just found out that your pet needs surgery, there’s no need to worry, especially when you’ve got the Caring Hearts team on your side. We’ll have your companion fixed up and on the road to recovery before you know it!

To talk with a veterinarian about your pet’s surgery or recovery give us a call at 704-893-2799 or book an appointment online.