We Utilize Low Stress Handling® at Our Animal Hospital in Matthews, NC

At Caring Hearts Animal Hospital, we are strongly in tune with the needs of our patients and clients. We understand that stress can be a huge obstacle for many pets, getting in the way of keeping them as healthy and happy as possible. As part of our commitment to making our animal hospital a welcoming, comfortable place, we gladly use Low Stress Handling® for every pet and every appointment. See below to find out more about Low Stress Handling® and why it’s important for you and your pet.

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What is Low Stress Handling®?

Low Stress Handling® was developed by the late Dr. Sophia Yin, a veterinarian who was renowned for her skill, compassion, and dedication to the human-animal bond. The program she created centers around educating individuals in gentle, humane animal handling techniques to decrease stress and improve the veterinary experience – and the overall physical and mental wellbeing of each pet.

Our veterinary team is trained to evaluate and detect subtle changes in animal behavior and body language so we can adjust our handling and treatment techniques accordingly. In a sense, we are better able to read our patients’ cues and enhance the comfort, safety, and efficacy of the care we provide to them.

Low Stress Handling® Techniques We Use Daily

Below are just a few of the techniques our veterinarians and staff implement each day to make pets and people feel more at home at our hospital:

  • Supporting your pet when handling them so they don’t feel off balance
  • Moving slowly and deliberately when handling a pet that is visibly nervous
  • Giving the pet time to relax before handling them and starting a treatment/procedure
  • Using minimal restraint whenever possible
  • Using positive reinforcement and distractions when needed

The Benefits of Low Stress Handling® for Pets

At Caring Hearts Animal Hospital, we’ve seen what a difference Low Stress Handling® can make for our patients and their loved ones. This difference includes:

  • A calmer, happier, healthier pet
  • A more enjoyable experience at our hospital
  • Less stress and anxiety for you, the pet owner
  • A stronger bond between you and your pet
  • A more trusting and positive relationship with our veterinary team

Find out more about Low Stress Handling® here and contact us if you have any questions!