Wellness Exams for Pets in Matthews

We all know pets don’t live as long as people do, which is why it’s so important to keep them healthy with preventive wellness exams and vaccinations. Using a fear-free approach, Caring Hearts Animal Hospital offers comprehensive wellness services and plans for pets of all ages. These services are tailored to meet your pet’s needs through every life stage.

Our goal is to work with you every step of the way, providing everything your pet needs. For puppies and kittens, wellness care focuses on vaccinations, parasite prevention, and diet/nutrition. Adult pets receive more attention on weight management, health screening, and other related factors. For senior pets, we focus on managing existing medical conditions (if any) and making the golden years as comfortable as possible.

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Dog & Cat Wellness Plans

To help make your pet’s wellness care more affordable, we have offer the following healthcare wellness plans. These plans are designed to provide annual preventive care with low monthly payments and include everything your companion needs to enjoy a healthy life.

About the Pet Wellness Exam

A typical pet wellness exam visit consists of a nose-to-tail exam, which includes a weight check and assessment of the heart and lungs. If any abnormalities are found, we can provide treatment recommendations and/or conduct advanced diagnostic tests, such as a blood test or urinalysis. The sooner we can diagnose a health issues, the greater our chances of a positive outcome.

After conducting the wellness exam, we can develop a customized vaccination plan based on your pet’s age, breed, and lifestyle. Vaccines protect against potentially fatal viruses and diseases, including rabies, Bordetella, and feline leukemia. We can also present our recommendations for parasite control, diet, weight management, and other topics related to your companion’s health.

If your pet is due for a wellness visit, or if you have any questions about our wellness services or plans, call 704-893-2799 or book an appointment online. Don’t wait you see a sign of illness. Give your best friend the gift of a lifetime of good health today!