How to Tell if Your Dog is Happy in Matthews, NC

Dogs tend to express their happiness through their body language and behavior. There are special ways you can tell if your pup is happy and enjoying their life.

Your dog is probably happy if they bring their favorite toy to you as a gift. They may also be happy if they like to take a long nap after play or have a good appetite. Of course, if your dog cuddles with you, it is a sure sign that they are happy and full of love.

Dogs are like children, as they express their emotions in a non-complex and straightforward manner. If you want to know how to tell if your dog is happy, this pawsome article is for you.

How to tell if your dog is happy in Matthews, NC

What Are Signs That My Dog is Happy?

Being a dog must be the life, right? You get to play fetch and chase squirrels at the park all day and then go home and have a yummy dinner, and afterward, you get to fall asleep by the feet of your favorite person, who gives you all the pets and belly rubs you want. Well, maybe not every day is like that for a pup, but some days come close.

You can tell when your canine has had a good day and are content and joyful. The following include some of the ways you can tell when your dog is happy:

Your Dog is Always Smiling

Your dog may be smiling because they are safe, relaxed, and comfortable. There is no tension around their mouth, and the corners may be slightly turned up. Many canine expressions can be perceived as a smile:

  • Wide mouth panting
  • Large submissive grin
  • Relaxing with their tongue hanging out

When you see a dog smiling, they are happy (most of the time). It has been said that dogs can interpret human body language, and dogs love nothing more than to make us happy. When we interact with our dogs, we often smile. They tend to smile adorably when they see we are delighted with them.

Your Dog Play Bows

play bow is a common form of body language in dogs who want to play. The play bow is when your dog puts their front legs and chest down to the floor with their butt towards the sky and their tail wagging. Their face is generally relaxed with their ears held forward. Dogs are not the only creature that play bows:

  • Coyotes
  • Foxes
  • Wolves
  • Lions

All the above animals engage in this behavior. A play bow is a signal your dog uses to invite another dog, person, or animal to come to play with them. Play bows most often serve to initiate play after a pause. If you see your pup doing this, it means that they are happy and in a playful mood.

Your Dog Comes to You When Called

It is no secret that dogs get distracted easily. If they see something intriguing that they want to investigate, they must stop and take a gander. Whether it is a little critter or a weird smell, dogs are inquisitive creatures who tend to follow their doggie instincts toward whatever they find along their journey with you:

  • Wildlife
  • Other dogs
  • People passing by

However, a dog who comes back to you when called is a happy dog indeed. It means that obeying and pleasing you is far more important to them. Plus, your dog loves you and would ultimately rather be with you than anything else.

Your Pup Performs a Doggie Dance

Dogs “dance” when they are excited. Some pups will hop up on their hind legs and spin around with joy when they receive treats or just being their adorable selves. Many small dogs and toy breeds are known to do this. You can even train your pup to do this as a trick, but many will do it on their own when feeling the groove!

Your Dog Gives You Their Favorite Chew Toy

When your dog gives you their favorite chew toy, they feel like they are giving you a gift and want to please you with one of their most cherished items. It is a sign of affection and a clear indication that they are happy with you. Your dog may not usually want to relinquish their toy, but if they give it to you, you should feel special and know that your pup is a happy dog.

Your Dog Likes to Sleep After Play

If your dog packs in a day of fun play, odds are they will want to sleep afterward. Dogs who have just played tend to be happy, and when your dog is satisfied that they have released their energy, they may want to go to sleep. Happy adult dogs tend to sleep for up to sixteen hours per day. If your pup is not getting enough of their beauty sleep, it could indicate they are feeling stressed.

Your Dog Cuddles with You When You Sleep

You may awake in bed in the morning to find your precious pooch has come into the bed with you. Dogs cuddle to get warm and bond with their human. Cuddling releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which affects you and your dog. When your dog cuddles with you, they feel secure and happy with their relationship with you, and you most likely return the sentiment.

Your Dog Enjoys Their Food

If you have a happy dog, odds are you do not need to do much coaxing to get them to eat. Happy dogs are like humans who like to eat; they cannot wait to chow down on their favorite meal. There are some tricks to keep your dog happy with their food:

  • Give them high-quality animal protein
  • Please make sure they get essential vitamins and minerals
  • Give them grains for better energy
  • Keep their food consistent

Switching up your dog’s meals too frequently can cause gastrointestinal issues, making for one unhappy pup. A healthy, well-balanced diet is key to having a happy, healthy, and active dog.

Your Dog Wags Their Tail

A dog wagging their tail is the classic“tail” sign that they are happy. However, you must pay attention to which direction your pup’s tail is wagging. Research suggests that a tail wagging to the right demonstrates positive emotions, while a tail wagging to the left is indicative of negative emotions.

The same study infers that this special tail language dogs speak has to do with the brain’s left hemisphere controlling the right side of the body, while the right controls the left. Dogs can even communicate their happiness to each other in this manner.

Your Dog Shows Their Belly

A dog who shows you their belly is likely a very happy pup. It is a submissive action and a request for a belly rub. For example, if your dog is delighted to see you, they may expose their belly when you return home from being away all day. It clearly shows their happiness and gratitude for your love and affection.


There are many ways to tell that your dog is happy. Making your dog happy requires that you fulfill their physical and emotional needs, and if you are good to your dog, they will give you all the happiness in the world in return.

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